American Kickboxer I
No Surrender III
Blood Moon
The Cut Off
Meals on Wheels with Jackie Chan
Revenge the Ninja
Nash Bridges
“No Retreat, No Surrender 3”
Stared and was the associate producer for “Superfights”
Co-produced “Bloodmoon”
Screenplay writter on the life of Daniel Boone, entitled, “Boone”

Keith Vitali has appeared on 13 covers of national martial arts magazines which led Keith’s first entry in the film world. A Cannon Films producer spotted Keith on the covers of Karate Illustrated Magazine and Kick Magazine and signed him to star with Sho Kosugi in the successful martial arts film, “Revenge of The Ninja”.

“Revenge of the Ninja” became a blockbuster hit and is one of the most successful martial arts films ever in this action film genre. Filmed on location in Salt Lake City, UT, the film became of the first martial arts films ever to be distributed by a major studio. MGM Studios distributed the film world-wide along with giving it a major theatrical release in the U.S. This film ignited the ninja craze that swept the country and is now considered a classic.

Next, Keith got the opportunity to co-star with Benny Urquidez, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao in “Meals on Wheels.” This film is considered one of Jackie Chan’s best martial arts films by film critics. Filmed on location in Barcelona, Spain, this film marked an upscale in production value and budget in Jackie Chan’s career at the time. Benny Urquidez’s ending fight scene with Jackie Chan and Keith’s ending scene with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao are considered two of the best all-time action fight scenes in martial arts film history.

Keith appeared in two TV episodes of “Nash Bridges” as a villain filmed in San Francisco, CA and had ‘featured fights scenes’ with both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Joe Hess. Working with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin and fighting Joe Hess in a scene and having a major fight scene with “Stone Cold” were two of Keith’s favorite film experiences.

Keith next teamed up with his good friend, writer/producer Keith Strandberg and starred in “No Retreat, No Surrender 3” with Loren Avedon. Filmed in Tampa, FL, the film showcased many talented martial artist in the film. The ending fight scene with the bothers played by Keith and Loren fighting against the villain, Rion Hunter is a fan favorite of fans around the world who enjoy action films.

In Keith’s next film, he stared in and was the associate producer for “Superfights” with his costar, Brandon Gaines. Filmed in Harrisburg, PA. Keith loved working as the villain pitted against his good friend, Brandon Gaines. The film’s ending long fight scene is one of Keith’s favorites. Keith Strandberg took Keith under his wing and taught him the production side of film making process. Keith was also able to attend the Milan Film festival with Keith Strandberg and observe the process of selling films at the international markets.

In Keith’s next film, Keith had double billing again, this time as one of the stars and as fight coordinator in “American Kickboxer1” with John Barrett and Brad Morris. Filmed in South America, this film was one of Keith’s favorite locations to film. What made this film rememberable is that during the filming in Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela was released from prison that same day and the city was overwhelmed with journalist from all over the world. This film also enjoyed a theatrical release in the U.S.

In Keith’s next film project, Keith joined forces again with Keith Strandberg and co-produced “Bloodmoon” starring Gary Daniels, Chuck Jeffries and the late Darren Shahlavi. The film was shot at the Screen Gym Studios in North Carolina. It was Keith’s first-time filming at a studio and utilizing sound stages and a back lot for production that is not normally available for martial arts action films.

Keith stared in and played the heavy, the godfather in an action film, The Cut Off, shot in New York. Playing opposite and good friends, the good guys, Michael DePasquale Jr and the late Joe Lewis was a pure pleasure for Keith.

Keith’s has also written a screenplay on the life of Daniel Boone, entitled, “Boone” and hopes to begin the film’s production in Georgia, Spring 2021.



Screenplay written by Keith Vitali.
The film is projected to be filmed on location in Georgia, 2021.

“Boone” is action-packed fictional “Period” film (late 1700’s) based on the real-life exploits of Daniel Boone. The film is a combination of the artistic beauty of the American frontier highlighted in the film, “Last of the Mohicans” and the majestic portrayal of the American Native Indians in the film, “Dances with the Wolves.” Now add dynamic-action and you have the winning ingredients of “Boone.”