Victor Stops the School Bully is a book dealing with issues that so many kids experience when moving to a new school. Victor is a 10-year old boy who is nervous about such a move. Guided by Mr. Mike, his karate instructor and his training, Victor deals with his new teacher, his new classmates, issues with honesty and integrity, and learns how to handle the school bully.

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Bullyproof your child This book presents advice to parents on identifying the signs of verbal bullying, physically bullying, and cyberbullying and offers techniques proven to help children faced with bullying..

The paperback version of Bullyproof Your child can be purchased through Amazon online OR for those who want an autographed copy from me personally, they can mail a check for $10.00 to Keith Vitali – PO Box 768741 – Roswell GA 30076.


Keith Vitali’s Journey of Becoming an Author

Keith Vitali is a published author of four karate instructional books. His first book, “Beginning Karate” sold over 30,000 copies and is used as a textbook at the University Of South Carolina. He also authored, “Karate Kicking,” “Winning Karate Techniques,” published by Contemporary Books, and “Tournament Fighting,” published by Unique Publications 

Keith is a recognized children’s self-defense expert, national speaker and children’s activist dealing with bullying concerns that kids experience in their daily lives. Keith also appeared on Oprah Show as one of the leading experts on children’s safety and bullying issues.

Keith shares his unique positive reinforcement philosophy and disciplined approach to teaching kids that he hopes all schools soon begin incorporating in their respective school systems. Starting kids at the earliest stage, kindergarten and elementary school, learning the importance of respecting their teacher and each other, instilling basic discipline and teaching how bullying effects a child for a lifetime, is the key to success handling this pandemic of a problem, bullying in our school systems.  

A basic example of bullying that should be taught to every child at a young age is that that when a bully hits someone in the arm, the pain last minutes, perhaps hours. But, when that same bully calls someone a name so devastatingly hurtful and embarrassing such as fat, ugly, stupid or whatever, that kind of pain last a lifetime. These are the type of life lessons that need to be taught in homes and schools. 

Click to view most recent children’s illustrated book “Victor Stops the School Bully” is co-authorized by his grandson, Sam who adds his unique 10-year old perspective and dialogue to the characters in the book makes it contemporary.